What It’s All About

I have had wanderlust flowing through my veins my entire life. My entire family is full of travelers. Family vacations have allowed me to explore Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan, Brussels, and more. I grew up listening to stories of when my parents backpacked Europe together for a summer. I lived vicariously through my parents’ trip to Africa, going on safari. When I was in high school, I cruised the Mediterranean with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and I had the glorious opportunity to spend a day or so in each: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Mykonos, Rome, Monaco, and Spain. Two weeks of incredible experiences every day, but it wasn’t enough. Finally, I had the chance to study abroad in London and spend a summer backpacking Europe in 2015. That trip was how I conceived the title for the blog, Adventures with Lola.

I have a little elephant I bring with me everywhere that I have named Lola. She’s something of a good luck charm & a talisman of happiness. I do a lot of solo adventures, in my life and while traveling, and Lola is a great way for me to share my experiences. I bring her along on my adventures, and Lola stars in many of my photo shoots, which I will post here. I hope you enjoy what I share here! I wish you the absolute best.