Adventures in Iceland: Waterfalls, Horses and Plane Crashes

The past few days in Iceland have been incredible! We’ve driven the main highway, route one, through south and east Iceland and are heading north now. The south was unbelievable!

One of the most interesting buildings we’ve seen in terms of backstory is Strandarkirkja, also called the Church of Miracles. A Lutheran church, it was built when seamen, lost at sea, promised God that they would build a church on the site if only they survived to make it to shore. They survived, built the church, and although it has no parish today, people still visit to pray for a miracle! A couple arrived after we left to get married. A quaint and pretty church on the beach.


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Adventures in Iceland: Day 2

first view

After an early night and rejuvenating 13 hours of sleep, we hit the Golden Circle early in the morning. At 8AM, the sun had already been up for 4 hours, even though it doesn’t set until about 11PM. Convenient and wonderful, but somewhat disorienting when eating dinner at 9PM in what seems to be noon sunlight.

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Adventures in Iceland: Day One

island rocks



I am in Iceland! I can’t believe it. This country has been on my bucket list since I read my first National Geographic magazine featuring this beautiful land. I’m going to be here for nine days, and there’s way too much to fit into one blog post! I’m going to focus on my first day here.

I’m SUPER lucky that my friend Rachel was able to join me for this adventure. We’ve rented a car, booked airbnb’s and hostels, researched the country, and are prepared for nine days of beauty!

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