A Weekend In Amsterdam

During my time in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, I was able to visit the Rijks Museum, the Anne Frank House, IAMSTERDAM sign, tour a few flower markets (complete with cannabis starter kits), check out a cheese shop, get a taste of the Dutch take on Mexican food, and hit up a nightclub. I absolutely loved everything I did, and only wish I’d had time for the Van Gogh museum and canal cruise.

When I first arrived in the city on my bus, I was greeted by the contrasting view of gorgeous architecture and traffic.


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Amsterdam 101

As I mentioned before, I went to Amsterdam for a weekend trip. I arrived Friday morning, and left Sunday afternoon. ¬†Friday we spent wandering around, which I highly recommend, just to get a feel for the place. Amsterdam is beautiful, with its canals, houseboats, smorgasbord of architectural styles, and people riding bikes everywhere. It’s like a picturesque step back in time, except with modern bikes instead of penny farthings. And hella better clothes. People even uphold the absolutely adorable tradition of locking locks onto the canal bridges to commemorate their love. Sigh.


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Fiery Depths of Hell (or, My Inter-Country Bus/Ferry Ride)


(I wish my bus looked like this. My bus didn’t move nearly this fast. Ever.)


I’m studying abroad in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world. In addition to that, I’m a student, on a student visa, which means I can’t legally work or earn money in the UK. Essentially, I’m on the budget of all budgets, and I’m determined to stretch it so that I can make it to as many places as possible during my time in Europe. To kick off my year of travels, I planned my first trip to Amsterdam. I was going with three other girls, which would cut costs on where we stay. But first things first – how to get from London to Amsterdam.

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