Château de Versailles

As my return to the good ol’ US of A draws closer, I’m hoping to share a few more places with you! In this endeavor, I realized I never gave the inside scoop on Versailles. So, without further ado, the lovely royal château.


Ever seen the movie Marie Antoinette, with Kirsten Dunst? Versailles was all that and so much more. Pastel, ornate, gilded glory, pure and not-at-all-simple. As you walk through the town of Versailles to get to the Chateau, you’re first greeted by a huge, brilliant, gleaming golden gate, which lets you inside the Chateau grounds to access the ticket office. As soon as you step through the first gate, the ground changes to cobblestones and the architecture becomes ornate. After you make it through the ticket office, you can go inside the next gate (also gleaming gold) and view the vivid colors adorning Chateau du Versailles.

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Laduree-Land: Monaco

Is anyone else totally in love with the pastels, bright white, and gold trend going on this summer? Or, alternatively, the vibrant neon color trend? Personally, I can’t choose which one I like better. But summer colors and trends are my absolute favorite! Recently, I visited Monaco, a tiny country along the southern coast of France (an easy breezy 20 minute train ride from Nice), and I am convinced that this country has unintentionally (or maybe intentionally, who knows) created a kick-ass color scheme that makes is absolutely stunning and incredible to visit, especially in the summer. Seriously, go to Monaco and simply feast your eyes upon the beauty.

The country is small and definitely walkable, but there is a hop on/hop off bus option, as well as local buses if your feet are complaining a bit too much. However, Monaco is a great place for simply strolling along the waterfront or getting lost in tiny allies with little shops while eating gelato (the gelato is an important part!).


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Wouldn’t it be Nice, France

Walking along the Promenade d’Anglais in Nice, all I could think was that the Beach Boys would totally love this city. The beaches are mostly rocky, which is a change for us southerners used to the sandy coast along the Gulf of Mexico, but the water in the French Riviera is sky blue. Not dark blue like most deep waters of the ocean, or the teal green of the Croatian coast, but an honest to goodness sky blue. I am not over editing these photos; the water is just that gorgeous! Needless to say, total Beach Boy heaven.


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The City of Lights: Paris


Last weekend, I had the wonderful experience of visiting Paris. The city of love, lights, crepes, bread and cheese, and beautiful views. And I have to tell you, Paris totally surpassed all of my expectations.

Before I left for Paris, I wasn’t sure how to feel. I know, that sounds crazy, it’s Paris, how could I not love it? But I had heard differing opinions on the city, ranging from it being a tourist-invaded hell to a city that held on to its cultural roots and beauty. What I have discovered after my weekend there, is that it’s a little bit of both, but regardless, Paris is enthralling. 

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