Lovely London

My final flight back to the United States flew out of Heathrow Airport in London. Despite having spent a semester studying here, there were still a few things I knew I absolutely had to see. I gave myself a final four days in London before I had to fly home, and in this time I had the most lovely sights and experiences, topping everything from my semester. If you’re interested in picture-perfect sights and instagram-worthy settings, here are my must do’s.

1. Notting Hill 

This neighborhood of London, home to Portobello Market, is worthy of being famous for much more than the movie. Behind the tube station “Notting Hill Gate,” as well as further into the neighborhood towards Portobello Market, the houses are painted in gorgeous pastel hues, with vibrant doors as centerpieces. This is my absolute favorite neighborhood in London for simply walking around.


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Survivor: Health Edition

I am an absolute healthy living nut. I’d like to consider myself a healthy living guru to anyone who wants me to be their guru. If I get even the slightest hint that someone wants to hear even a teeny, tiny bit of my wisdom, I perk up like one of those cute little dogs that raise their ears and I may as well jump around and wag my tail too, because that’s how excited I get. IMG_7198                                                            (something like this)

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